Our mission is to share knowledge that cultivates a Neohumanist vision and create a sustainable future for all. Neohumanism is the expansion of compassion to all animate and inanimate beings.


Expand the heart.


Free the mind.


Serve for a Just and Sustainable World

Upcoming Courses

YTT 101- Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga Teacher Training offers you a completely unique experience by blending anatomy, physiology, philosophy, dancing, and Yoga Asanas of various disciplines to empower you and your future students with the foundations of health and happiness!
Price includes three meals a day, plus accommodations in the scenic mountains of North Carolina.
(Video – Course Introduction)

NHE 117: A Social Studies Curriculum of Place

The study of the socio-cultural world begins in particular places. This course explores the processes of culture, colonization and decolonization, and how the multidisciplinary social studies aligns with a social justice mission.

HUM 103 – Writing Our Spiritual Lives

The focus of this class is spiritual writing, and will prompt the student to explore, contemplate and integrate the foundations of their spirituality, helping them learn to express in prose this important aspect of their lives

HUM 102 – Critical Thinking for Neohumanist

Join us on an adventure with a sail through the ocean. The ocean represents the immensity of thinking. The sail is the driving force that propels us on our journey!

Students at the Neohumanist College of Asheville experience an attractive balance between online self-paced learning with personalized mentorship alongside Neohumanist from across the planet - all while earning skills based badges. The practice of Neohumanism incorporates a harmonious blending of western objective sciences and the subjective eastern meditative science of intuition.

Student Testimonials

Experiences at the Neohumanist College of Asheville

“The highlight of the week was always when we could share and discuss what we had studied and created. Those classes were so very meaningful and appreciated.”

“I see myself applying NHE knowledge in the classroom, in art therapy and with my staff and teachers. It helps me greatly to gain more and deeper understanding about the human being in general. I see myself becoming more empathetic, more understanding and less biased and judgmental.”

“I found myself completely relaxed, eagerly awaiting every online meeting….It made me see how beautiful, encouraging and exciting education can be when done in a different way.”

“I obtained a vast amount of new knowledge and feel comfortable to apply this new knowledge in an educational setting. I definitely look at early childhood development in a whole new and expansive light.”