Application Information

The program will be divided into four blocks. Block 1 will comprise the first semester and will be open to everyone to apply. Blocks 2-4 comprise the remainder of the 2 year program and are for those students who wish to enter the Certification Program.

The NHE Teacher Preparation program is an intensive course of study that requires students to be ready to spend a certain amount of time and be committed to completing the program.   As there will be a limited number of spaces there will be an application and selection process.   While the minimum number of students will be 5, the maximum will be 10 for any one group or cohort.  If there is adequate interest spanning a wide range of time zones, a second section may be opened to accommodate the time zone spread.

Study Block I is designed for general applicants (teachers, parents, caregivers, social workers, etc.) and is based on personal development, the study of Neohumanism and Neohumanist Philosophy of Education, and an introduction to child development. 

  • Applicants will fill out an application which includes a brief personal essay (no more than 500 words) expressing their interest in learning about Neohumanist Education.


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