Level 1 Program Overview

The program will be divided into four blocks. Block 1 will comprise the first semester and will be open to everyone to apply. Blocks 2-4 comprise the remainder of the 2 year program and are for those students who wish to enter the Certification Program.

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Tuition for the full certificate program is $162.50 USD/per month for 24 months or $3,900 for the full two year program. Students will be set up for automatic billing for Tuition and the first installment must be on or before the first day of class. If the NHE 100 and/or NHE 109 courses are taken in advance of the start of a new cohort, the payment of those courses will be deducted from the full program tuition.

The Neohumanist Teacher Preparation Program – Level 1 is designed to prepare teachers to work in a Neohumanist school or community-based educational program. Upon successful completion of the program, students will gain certification in Neohumanist Education by Ananda Marga Guruklua. The program is a two-year intensive (26 credits) that includes online instruction, fieldwork with qualified supervisors, and personal mentoring. The next cohort program starts in August 2023.

Neohumanist educators need to be up to date on cutting edge theory in education and skilled in the educational conventions of curriculum development, place-based education, culturally relevant teaching, and arts-infused learning.  Beyond this, they understand that we are living in a transitional time in which human survival depends on learning more harmonious ways of living on this Earth, cultivating an integrated worldview that understands all creation as sacred, developing an ethics capable of responding to new understandings of interconnectedness, overcoming all limiting sentiments that divide people from one another, and discovering the vast reservoir of inner potential waiting to be awakened.

Program themes intended to meet these aims include a focus on personal and spiritual development, an ecological mindset, an inquiry-based approach to learning, the active integration of theory and practice, strong attention to justice, equity, diversity and inclusion (JEDI), critical and creative thinking, and a commitment to personalizing student learning.