Program Format

The program will be divided into four blocks. Block 1 will comprise the first semester and will be open to everyone to apply. Blocks 2-4 comprise the remainder of the 2 year program and are for those students who wish to enter the Certification Program. This part of the program will have additional entry requirements outlined below. The overall meeting times will be as follows:

▪ 8 week modules of study corresponding with conventional academic semesters (September/October; November/December; January/mid-March; Mid-March/May).
▪ Each Module: 12 contact hours; 20 study and/or fieldwork hours (32 total). In a normal semester, this could mean eight 1 ½ hour face to face sessions (one per week) with about 2.5 hours of reading, writing, and other outside work.
▪ Special topics offered in intensive summer and winter intersessions (field work for each to be determined by instructors).
▪ Intersessions: 3-week modules of study. 12 contact hours (instructors choose 1-hour sessions (4 per week) or 2-hour sessions (two per week); 20 study and/or fieldwork hours.
▪ Four Study Blocks: Foundations of NHE; two Classroom Practice Blocks, Capstone
▪ Online format requires place-based (classroom or community) sites and mentors for Blocks II and III, and for the 8 week supervised student teaching in Block IVa.